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Material & Instruction Deadlines


1. All Material and written instructions must be received by the Network at least 3 working days prior to the first date of broadcast (excludes weekends and public holidays).

2. Late material may be accommodated where possible. Please inform the Commercial Placement Department. Extension requests are at the risk of the client.

3. Delivery of all material is the sole responsibility of the Client, Agency and Production Companies.

4. No commercial will go live until certified by the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB)

5. After hours material delivery fee may apply.

6. Commercials will be deleted off the Broadcast Server after six months from the last play. Any material that needs to be re-sent is at cost to the client.

7. Commercials are to be sent via the Commercial File Providers. We do not accept TAPE, DVD, USB, Hard Drives or Drop Boxes as a form of delivery.

8. SD commercials will no longer be accepted as of 1 st Sept 2021

Amendments to material outside of the hours of 8.30am – 5.30pm should be direct to the After Hours Traffic Mobile number: 021 472 517

The ‘on-call’ person will then action the necessary amendment. Texts are not acceptable in the first instance.

Please refer to Section 9 Advertising Material in the Advertising T&C’s for further information

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Warner Bros. Discovery will recognise the following industry agreed demographics:

5-12            Females 15-34 Males 15-34       HHS 20-44
10-19 Females 18-39 Males 18-39    HHS 25-54
15-29 Females 18-49 Males 18-49 HHS w/ kids 0-14
15-39 Females 25-54 Males 25-54 25-54 Soc 1-3
18-39 Females 40-64 Males 40-64 25-54 HHI $60k+
18-49 Females HHS 25-49   Homeowners 25-54
25-54 Females 18-49 w/ kids 0-9yrs   Maori & Pacific Island

placement surcharges

Fixed In Break     5.0%
Fixed in Break - consecutive breaks  5.0% (per spot)
Fixed Position in Break 10.0% (per spot)
True First / Last in Break  20.0%
Solus Break  Ratecard (minimum 60 second duration)